• Asheboro/Randolph Chamber 

    137 S. Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC  27203

    Chamber Office: (336) 626-2626

  • Kitchen Leader

    Job Description
    Kitchen Leader is a full-time position with specific leadership responsibilities centered on their team. Kitchen Leaders manage and direct the kitchen team which includes the member roles of fryer, flat grill, dressing, wrapping, and food prep.
    Kitchen Leader responsibilities include:
    • Coordinating the kitchen operation of the restaurant in conjunction with managers
    • Direct communication with managers in regards to kitchen needs and supplies
    • Training, managing and motivating the kitchen team members
    • Evaluating kitchen team members and providing them with feedback
    • Ensuring that all kitchen team members adhere to company policies and procedures
    • Organizing and supervising the shift breaks of the kitchen staff
    • Perform daily quality control and temperature checks for food safety
    • Coordinate routine cleaning and maintenance of all kitchen equipment
    • Ensure proper portion and preparation procedures are being used to control food cost
    • Maintaining high standards of quality control, hygiene, as well as health and safety
    • Help in any kitchen area of the restaurant when circumstances dictate
    • Check in orders and deliveries when needed
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